The West Coast Game Truck

Video game truck and trailer, game bus in San Bernardino County California

We do it all! From setup to cleanup, our Game Coach runs the show! It’s the easiest and most fun party you’ve ever thrown!

Video game truck, game bus, game trailer in San Bernardino County, California

San Bernardino County Birthday Parties

You’ve looked all over for a better birthday party in San Bernardino County…now you’ve found it!  West Coast Mobile Arcade brings you our luxury video game theater, with comfortable bench seating, 5 gaming stations, enough for 18 to play at once!  We’ve got the best games, laser and neon lighting, and much more!  Our Game Coach runs the birthday party while your guests have the time of their lives inside and out!  Your guests will be amazed and you’ll be the hero when they see  the game truck arrive! We even offer complete birthday party package add-ons that will take your party to the next level and provide all the party supplies for the most exciting birthday party ever!

Large Event Entertainment in San Bernardino County

West Coast Mobile Arcade has the area’s best entertainment for your large group event! Fairs and festivals, block parties, reunions, company picnics, grand openings, product launches, employee rewards, even corporate team building…our video game theater comes right to your business parking lot or other location and will entertain your guests like no other venue can! With great games, five gaming stations, great dance and sports game options, we’ll keep the party going all day if needed!

School & Non-Profit Functions in San Bernardino County

Looking for a new entertainment idea for your school function, church group, summer camp or other non-profit group? How about ideas for fundraisers and festivals? We bring the West Coast’s ultimate mobile video game truck and trailer right to your event! We have climate-controlled seating for 18 inside our spacious game truck, and gaming consoles and wireless controllers so all can play at once! We can rotate players to entertain even the largest crowds! You can raise funds by selling tickets for timed intervals or by selling wristbands for play-all-day fun!

Fair festival fundraiser entertainment idea in San Bernardino County California

The West Coast Mobile Arcade Video Game Theater features: 

Limousine Style Interior 
Our Game Theater has a luxurious limo-style interior with a high ceiling and comfortable cushioned bench seating. 

Climate Controlled Environment
Regardless of the weather outside, the temperature inside will provide year round comfort! The Game Theater is fully air conditioned for those hot summer days and heated for chilly times. 

Five Huge High Definition TV Screens
We have five 4K high-definition screens so players can enjoy action, dancing, and sports games like Minecraft, Madden Football, FIFA Soccer, Just Dance and Wii Sports! 

Latest Games Systems
We have the best game consoles and plenty of wireless controllers! We’ve got PlayStation 4, XBox One S, and Nintendo Switch! 

Virtual Reality!
VR Gaming puts players right in the game! Our Virtual Reality gaming station ($50 add-on optional) immerses players in the latest and greatest VR games!

Our Game Truck Supports up to 18 Players at once! 
For a full blown multi-player experience, our game theater has 5 gaming stations, supporting up to 20 players.

HUGE Game Library
We have one of the largest ever-expanding video game libraries available. With the most popular video games, and more on the way, your guests will have no problem finding the latest and best games to keep them entertained for hours! 

Surround Sound Audio System
With powerful sound for an immersive experience, our audio system surrounds the players with rich sound. 

Fully Self-Powered
We bring our own ultra-quiet generator to run all our systems. There’s no need to plug in to electricity at your house.